16 month old Jacob :: {Colorado Springs Baby Photographer}

I love getting to roll around in the grass with little ones especially little ones Jacob’s age.  At 16 months, he is still every bit baby and every bit tiny toddler.  I love the 1 year old stage which is such a fleeting time in toddlerhood!  I never knew how fun a 1 year old could be until I had one.

Jacob is seriously the cutest thing ever with such a sweet and loving spirit.  He is watchful and thoughtful and adorable beyond belief.  And those curls!  I’ve had the honor of watching Jacob grow up since he was born and getting to photograph so many of those stages as he has grown.  His beautiful parents are some of mine and Steve’s close friends and our little man loves Jacob so so much.




Thank you, Lauren & Justin for giving me the opportunity to capture some great memories with you!

~ Jenna


I’d love the opportunity to work with you!  Email me at theroadhomephoto@gmail.com for more info!  Let’s connect at Facebook and Instagram!  Can’t wait to meet you!



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