A few more father-son images from San Diego

father_son_photo_colorado_springsI’m so excited to be working on the Fatherhood photo project!  The response has been so great!  I love meeting new people and photography is such a great way to do that!

I know I’m definitely ready for summer and more opportunities to snap some great pics in the coming warm months!  It makes me crave the beach and sunshine..and of course yard work!  Definitely not serious about the yard work, but it does feel great to be outside again!

The start of this Fatherhood photo project has been such a fun photo project for me, and I love getting to share some of these special moments with you!  Sawyer is so big now at 15 months and all boy!  I can’t wait to take him back to the beach and watch him squeal with delight!  9_month_baby_and_daddy

I am so glad that I have these beautiful memories captured with Sawyer and his dad.   Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been so big on capturing every little second I could which meant I kept tons of journals and scrapbooks.  And now I’m so happy that I can blog about those little moments that I get to capture!

As a new mom, I’m always looking for ways to capture those little moments because they just happen so fast (thank goodness for iPhones!!), but so many times I don’t have my camera with me or right by my side.  So this year, I’m really challenging myself to bring my camera everywhere and leave it out in the open (but still out of my baby’s reach!) so that it’s there as a constant remind to “use me!”   So get ready for tons of those pictures!

I’m absolutely hoping to snap as many shots as I can of Steve and Sawyer together and jump into a few myself.  Stay tuned!



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