Class of 2015 Senior Erica M. from Air Academy High School :: {Colorado Springs Senior Photographer}

Senior year is such a bittersweet moment in teen’s life, and I love being able to capture a glimpse of that sweetness and change with my seniors.

Erica from Air Academy High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado is a natural beauty with all the sweetness and charm of a wonderful senior girl.  She brought her mom Jan and best friend Emma along for her senior session with me, and I had the best time getting to laugh and enjoy the company of these ladies.  I felt like I’d know all 3 of them for so long because they were so easy to get to know right away.

One of the first things I noticed about Erica are her gorgeous, brown eyes. They lit up every time she smiled which brought so much joy to her photos.   She is a timeless, breathtaking young lady with the world right at her fingertips.   We almost were rained out as a typical afternoon shower washed through Colorado Springs near Ute Valley, so thankfully it brought out perfect clear skies and sunshine just in time for us!  And in some sort of symbolic way, the sun set right as we were wrapping up almost to show the sun setting on a chapter of her senior year.  I loved every moment of this session with Erica, Jan and Emma.

Jan and Emma helped behind the scenes with jokes and comments that made Erica and I laugh so hard that it brought tears to our eyes.  I’ve never laughed so hard during a session before!  It makes me so happy to get to meet people who just naturally bring so much laughter and happiness to those around them.  I’m always hoping to touch someone’s life through my work with them, but time and again I am the one who is moved, inspired, touched, and blessed by my clients.  I can’t wait to see what the coming years bring for Erica.  I know she is going to go so far, and I hope all of her dreams come true.

Thank you, Erica for such a laugh-filled, fabulous session!  You are amazing!

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Don’t forget to head over to Facebook and Instagram for exclusive promos and behind the scenes details!  Can’t wait to meet you!

~ Jenna


P.s. Now booking for Class of 2016 Seniors and beyond! 😉

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