Denver Colorado Springs Senior Portraits Class of 2018


Today she is 17.  2 minutes ago she was 3 twirling in your living room, you sat watching her dance and laugh and smile at you.  In that moment, you couldn’t image that you’d be sitting here years later wondering where all the time had gone…how had it gone by so fast?  Your baby girl is 17. Today you hold onto her a little longer because you know in a blink of your eye she may be someone’s bride.  But today, you hold her a little longer…so close to your heart…so close to the start of her final year at home.  She’ll always be your baby girl.

You love her free-spirit, the dreamy far-away look in her beautiful eyes…you remember that look…that fire in here eyes.  18. You remember 18.

A whole new chapter will soon unfold, but today you can capture her here in this moment.  You can capture this beautiful space between her teens and adult years.  She will forever be your beautiful baby girl; that same captivating 3 year old ballerina in your living room has grown into an incredible, breath-taking young woman…full of hopes, dreams, and passion.  Today. You have today.

Against the Grain Seniors Class of 2018 :: Now Booking Her Story through Your Eyes

For all summer bookings for the Class of 2018, you will receive a gifted 8×10 fine art print to forever remember this time in both of your lives.

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