Fatherhood Photo Project: 3 sisters and their dad Jay {Lifestyle Photographer C/S}

Giggly, smily, and sweet Xoie, Xyen, and Xari and their amazing dad Jay spent a Saturday evening on May 17 with me playing and laughing all over Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site.

Every time the camera was focused on these girls, they smiled and hugged and laughed together like pros.  I loved getting to know this wonderful family, and we had such a great time exploring and playing.

Fatherhood Photo Project

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10 year old Xoie is every bit the big sis of these 3 as she closely watched after  1 year old Xari and 8 year old Xyen.  And serious kudos to their parents for the most unique names ever!

As we were walking along hunting for our next photo spot, I told the girls to watch out for the “cactus” so they didn’t hurt their toes…Ms. Xoie bright and full of little girl wit and sass says “it’s not ‘cactus’ but ‘cacti’ because there is more than 1 of them!”  I laughed so hard as she schooled this former English teacher.  Girl knows her stuff!

Xoie reminds me a bit of myself as the oldest daughter of a big family.  She keeps everyone laughing and on their toes. Curious, watchful, girly, and beautiful Xoie is  an amazing young lady.

fatherhood, baby girl and daddy, colorado springs, rock ledge ranch

Xari gave me the biggest cheesiest grins throughout the whole session…it’s easy to see where she gets it!   This 1 year old is definitely the baby of the family with her adorable, cuddly, attention-getting little self.  The camera just loves her!

10 year old and 1 year old photo, siblings, sisters, colorado springs, lifestyle photography

Words can’t even….


And all sunshine and grins, Ms. Xyen lit up my frame and my  whole evening with her family.  She never stopped grinning ear to ear.  She is the life of the party and her daddy’s little goofball.  She fits right in the middle of these 3 sisters and right in the middle of my heart…DSC_0321I couldn’t get enough of her silliness and sweetness.  She and Jay goofed around most of the session together which gave us some super adorable captures.

DSC_0032-2fatherhood photo project, pikes peak family photo, 3 sisters and dad, bridge photo, rock ledge ranch, vintage, rustic, lifestyle

My favorite of these 4.


Jay’s special thing with baby Xari is to swing her on his arm wherever they go.  I love that they have this little thing between them…something I know Jay and Xari will remember forever.  I love how it shows her security in him and his strength and protectionfor her…yet it is so innocent and playful and fun.

baby girl and daddy, swinging, 1 year old photo, colorado springs

Jay encompasses everything that fatherhood means.  As I watched him interact with his little girls, I just kept thinking how lucky they are to have a dad like Jay.

fatherhood photo project, colorado springs, sisters and fathergirls and dad, siblings, colorado springs, lifestyle

I never had to ask these 4 to pose or act…they just were themselves right there in front of me.  Something that no photographer could ask more of from their clients.  I was stunned at how sweet, natural, playful, and beautiful these photos are as I uploaded them that evening.  Yet, I shouldn’t surprised at all because that is how this family is together…natural, easy, sweet, fun, beautiful.  I’m just so happy I was able to capture some of those moments with them.


Thank you for being a part of such a fun evening with me!

~ Jenna


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