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Marine Baby Girl: Mackenzie Jade {Lifestyle Photographer Colorado Springs, Colorado)

That sweet, sweet newborn scent is so precious to mommies and daddies everywhere; and, I love getting to step into that little sweet world and photograph those little new arrivals.  Nothing is more beautiful than that.  And I am always honored, when a client lets me into their world with their new baby.  I am so, so in love with newborn photography.

It encompasses everything about starting a new journey together as a family and bringing new life into our world.  Just precious.

My flashback Friday moment today, is of a little Marine baby girl named Mackenzie Jade from Denver.  I love photographing newborns, and I love even more photography newborns in Denver!

This sweet little girl was born on March 12, 2013, and I got to meet her just a few days later.  We planned our session together to be more lifestyle as is my approach more often than not with portraits anyway.  I love the lifestyle newborn sessions because not only do I get to squeeze in every ounce of cuteness from the new baby, but I get to capture those tender moments of mom, dad, siblings, grandma and grandpa as they gaze, snuggle, kiss, and play with baby.  Candid is so beautiful, and if you couple that with some soft, sunlight streaming into the room to warm those in the frame…well you just might stop my heart with all the beauty I get to step into.

I feel like I’m a secret guest peaking into this intimate moments with a new family  holding, soothing, rocking, nursing, and watching their bundle of joy with teary (and sleep deprived!) eyes full of love,  joy and newness.  Sigh…I just love it.  And I hope you do, too  as you get to relive these moments with Mackenzie and her new mommy and daddy.



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