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Colorado Springs has so many great parks, and I love getting to explore all of our open spaces here.  I’ve never lived in a place that has such an appreciation for outdoor playtime! I love every opportunity I get to photograph toddlers and kids in their element with playgrounds and sand and open spaces to run and explore.  This particular session was at Woodmen Valley Park off Woodmen Road.  Definitely work checking out!  I love that it has a “big” kids and  “little” kids play structure.

So my flashback Friday moment this week is of the beautiful Evelyn Mary from last summer.  She is such an explorer and very independent so I strapped on my running shoes and got down on her level to capture her in all her adorableness!

We picked the perfect afternoon for our photo session because the clouds gave us awesome warm light and the grass and trees were so very vivid.  Our outdoor session came on the heals of the Black Forest Fire and a year after the Waldo Canyon Fire, so I was thrilled to see everything looking so healthy and green despite so much damage and heart-wrenching loss to our community the past 2 summers.

Evelyn has the most beautiful blue eyes which I finally caught looking (sort of!) at me long enough to capture.  She was so focused on her adventures so I just joined her in the moment.  I love getting to play with kids and take pictures of them on the level.  It brings out my inner child so much.  After all isn’t that what is most important when capturing these little ones… making sure to get them in their natural, sweet element.

Evelyn is now 2 1/2 so it is so wonderful to get to look back at how little she was last summer. I just love toddlers for all of their curiosity and independence and sweetness.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a little reflective moment with me!

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Happy Friday!

~ Jenna


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