My People :: Our Love Story {Colorado Wedding and Elopement Photography}

At this point in my life, my days are filled with dinosaur roars and belly laughs from my little ones…they are my muse and my whole “why” for what I do.  I want them to see their mommy chase her dreams so they can bravely chase theirs when they grow up.  I want them to love, honor, and cherish, and respect the women in their lives like their daddy does.  And I want the women around all of us to walk in the beauty they possess within themselves.  I am so honored to capture that beauty in my frame.
These babies have taught me how quickly life moves…how quickly sleepless nights flow into first steps.  I am learning to embrace grace and let go of some many things that hold me back from living presently in front of them.  I am more in love today with my husband of almost 10 years than I was on our wedding day It is that passion for a lasting love in my own marriage that fuels my love for capturing authentic love.
I remember my teens year so vividly.  I remember days of knowing exactly what I wanted out of life after graduation, and then the next feeling it all unwind with excitement and uncertainty.  I honestly think there isn’t a more thrilling (sometimes terrifying) and freeing time in life than the last year of high school.  I love capturing those raw, exciting moments and seeing my beautiful senior girls come alive at the new road that awaits them once they move their tassels from right to left in a symbol of the adventure they’ve just begun.
My hope for every single one of my clients is that you find the love, journey, adventure, and life that your heart is dreaming of…and I am so blown away that I get to walk beside you for a few hours to capture the thrill of those moments with you.
I wanted to share my people with you, so you know a little more about the girl behind the lens capturing your story…I have a story too…ups and downs…fears and doubts…joys and tears just like you.  I was a bride, a high school senior, a new mom, a teacher; I am a friend, a daughter, a wife, and a dreamer in my own story…so I get you…I know where you are because I’m either right there with you, or I have been there not so long ago.  I hope you know how beautiful you are…and I am so excited share your story.
Meet My People:
Mia our faithful black lab
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