Preparing for a Lifestyle Family Session :: {Colorado Springs Family Photographer}

Even though lifestyle sessions are more candid and unposed, we will do a little prep and planning together as we head into our session.


  • More often than not, I’ll suggest shooting in your home because often that is where your family feels most at home. 🙂  Look for rooms in your home that are favorites with big windows and lots of bright light. It can be anything from the kitchen island to baby’s nursery or a stairwell landing.
  • We can select another location of your choosing, but please make sure it is a spot that your family knows and loves…the park, library, coffee shop, grandma’s house.  The main thing is to keep it familiar and fun.  2015_day09_nashvillemornings




  • This is entirely up to you!  If you want to make pancakes in your PJs and capture Saturday morning breakfast, that is fine!  Or if you’d prefer to select special outfits and play a trip to the nearest ice cream shop for a more dressed up session then great!
  • I’d encourage your to include “favorites” at any point that they could work in the session.  Does your husband have a favorite coffee mug?  Use it during your home session to remember how dad took his coffee everyday.  Or does your pet have a favorite toy that is always nearby?  Let the kids play with your pet while we photograph to remember how they spend time with your beloved family pet.


  • Here in Colorado Springs, our weather can be very unpredictable year-round which is the great thing about a lifestyle session.  If we plan our session to include an indoor location, we can avoid bad weather and have the flexibility of shooting even in the coldest winter months.  Typically, your indoor sessions will be when the sun shines brightest dependent on the season.  We can schedule a more specific time to work around baby’s nap time as well.  I’m a natural light photographer so we will want to find a spot wherever we are with lots of beautiful, natural light.2015_day01_snowflakesonmyeyelashesb&w


  • My main suggestions for a lifestyle session is to plan an activity.  Do you love hiking as a family?  Then we’ll plan a hike!  Do your kids love to bathe the dog?  Then let’s photograph it…plus they get at least 1 chore out of the way. 😉  Think about things your family loves doing together, and do it as naturally and normally for our session.



  • These types of sessions will still have a camera around and a little bit of coaching from me, but I want you to be able to fully relax.  Don’t worry about the house being spotless, the kids on their best behavior, or everyone having the perfect smile (or attitude!).  Just be yourself.  Drink a cup of tea, cuddle on the couch, kick your feet up…just relax and be together as a family.  I’ll take care of the rest!




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