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This week’s throwback Thursday blog is of my little guy, Sawyer on his 1st birthday.  Some years a birthday is just a birthday, especially as we age. But nothing makes me feel young and excited like a 1 year old birthday party.  Being 1…it is like so many other things in our lives…a major change for everyone close to us.  I don’t remember what it was like to turn 1.  But I know it was a big deal.

So when Sawyer turned 1, I definitely felt bittersweet feelings for this new phase in his life and ours. He was so big, crawling and trying to walk, and with a new found moodiness and voice.  Still sweet and lovable as always, he was curious and excited to see balloons for the first time and to chase our poor Schnauzer Avah all over the living room.  But in a couple of these moments, he suddenly erupted into tears of frustration for this or that reason…something quite different from the easy-going, always happy little baby he was before he turned 1.

We had to relearn things with him it seemed.  He was almost immediately a toddler, yet still a baby.  We spent the day with my parents and family who made the trip specially for his birthday.  I love all of these memories, even the teary ones.  I love how real they are, watching him chase balloons, tear up because he can’t quite walk, and get comforted by his dad and pup.

I can hardly believe he is almost 2, but I am ever so grateful that I pulled out the camera to take photos of his 1st birthday.  Here is to many more birthdays to come, Sawyer!  I love you with my whole heart!




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