About Us

Hello! I am Jenna Wren, and I am a full-time wedding photographer in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. I have always chased adventure, and I have found what makes my heart beat in photographing love. Authentic, deep, passionate, and true love that is where my heart lies when I photograph couples. I want to capture your love. I want to capture the way he holds you. I want to capture the way you breathe him in. I want to capture the tears that fall because you've found your forever. I want to capture you. Tell me all about this love you've found. Let's create something beautiful together.

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Our Story

He swept me off my feet. He learned to dance just for me.  We began to look at every moment together as an adventure, and we soon set out on our own.  We began dating in January of 2007. Today, it is hard to imagine a moment of my life without him in it. But our love did have a beginning.  We fell in love easily.  We were intoxicated by each other's presence, and we knew we found our forver.  Within 8 months, we were engaged.  It was as simple as waking up in the morning...I knew he was all of my tomorrows. Love brings such light and newness to our normal life, and that was exactly the love we'd found.  April 5, 2008...he already had the date picked when he asked me.  I said yes...yes to always him.  

We married in a farmhouse in the rolling hills of Tennesse on a chilly spring day.  We both wore white.  We wrote our own vows.  We were a part of every detail of our day together...as one. His hand in mine became as natural as breathing.  We celebrated our love in front of our closest friends and family.  We laughed and cried.  We ran full of love and joy and passion into our forever. Soon the Colorado mountains called our name.  We packed our moving truck and set off together.  He is my all.  He is my everything. We chase the sun into so many new chapters and adventures now, but his glance pierced with warm light from the setting sun still brings chills to my skin and butterflies to my heart. I will love him forever.

Almost 10 years later, we are still pursuing our forever in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado that we so proudly call home. We know love is not always easy, but we know it is always worth it.  We know love can still come smoothly if you just let it be love.  So we love as tomorrow becomes our forever again and again each day.