The Road Home Photography: Photo Behind the Name

I’ve written about it before, those photos that stop you in your tracks, steal your breathe, stand out and remain timeless for years to come.  The moment that happens we are often left with a sense of something surreal and beautiful that is almost untouchable.  We live for those moments…seeking the next moment that we really feel alive, that our breathe is stolen, that our heart races, that we laugh and cry and live and love.

I believe this is the true human experience. To live with everything we have moment-to-moment, day-to-day. To not lose ourselves in the bigger, stressful things, but getting lost in the little things like a sunset, our newborn’s tiny fingers, our dad’s laugh, a friend’s hug, the crashing of the ocean waves, the hand of our loved one. All of these little moments are small snapshots of our journey throughout our own lives.

These journeys take us home, where our heart lies, where we so often long to be or can’t wait to return. That’s what this photo means to me .For some of us, home is a place we are right now, or maybe a place we are heading towards because we just got married or graduated high school or have been away for a long, long time.  But no matter what, the idea of home is something is so unique to us…to you…to me… that it is timeless, it is breathtaking, it is us heart and soul.

I snapped this picture as the last rays of sunlight fell behind the mountains after a long, fun day in Crested Butte, Colorado with my husband Steve.  Crested Butte is a place that I get lost in; somewhere that I feel like I can breathe again. Somewhere I’ve gone summer after summer just as the school year ended and the flowers were blooming on the greenest hills I’ve ever seen.  This place is my oasis.  I’ve gone there for the photo opportunities for certain; but more so than that, I have gone there to escape , hike, and test the edge of my adventurous soul.behind the scenes colorado springs, crested butte roads, the road home photography, lifestyle photographer colorado springs, jenna wren photographer, journey photography, travel photograpy coloardo springs, sunset road mountain photo, t

But after a day here, I’m ready to go home…to my own bed…my favorite cup of coffee…my back porch…home where I can be me…where we’ve made amazing memories…where I live and love and laugh and cry and dream.

Home is unlike any place on earth.  It is where I want to be…where I feel safe…where I feel me.  Even when I’m away and making amazing memories with friends and family in other parts of the world, a small part of me can’t wait to get home again.

When I thought of a name for this career that is truly my dream, I thought of this picture.  It is a simple photo…a road, a sunset, mountains…but something in it spoke so deeply to me. This is one of my favorite photos that I’ve  taken because it resonates the more important things in life. Those moments that lead me toward my home.

We were leaving Crested Butte heading towards our home (literally) when we noticed the sunset and how glorious it was and how we really weren’t ready for this day to end yet.  So we pulled over to the side of the highway, jumped out and grabbed the camera.  I didn’t know what that moment would mean to me as we snapped those photos, but now I couldn’t be more grateful that we slowed down long enough to take this photo…to slow down our life long enough to create a lasting memory together that we can always look back on when we see this photo.

That is my greatest hope with each of  your sessions with The Road Home Photography…to slow down life even for an hour to take timeless, breathtaking photos that represent your unique road that leads you back to the place closest to your heart…your home.


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